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Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Today, internet marketing brings possibility of low cost selling and possibility to find and contact customers and increase turn-over of company. Based on strategy, we prepare for a client, potencial client´s customers will find searched information about products and services on the right place, in right time and in proper format.

This way client maximizes using of Internet to obtaining demand for product (information, goods, services) and change it to contact and sell.


Our system of work consists of:

Analysing of intent, position and competitors of clients
creation of complex marketing strategy
realising of strategy (full outsourcing)

analyse respects target group of customers, client´s target market , his business intent and consist of

  • client´s position on the online market (searching position of client and his product)
  • quality of website and of communication tools
  • online competitors (position of competitors, their search position, quality of web presentation and communication, marketing activities)
  • information environment (what are published and discussed)

based on this detail analyse we create the online marketing strategy, which consists of

  • proposal of sell-arguments (and presentation themes)
  • proposal of using format of information (text, video, audio, active discussion posts, visuals, etc.)
  • proposal of using internet medias (lists, catalogues, online magazines and newspapers, social networks, advertising, etc.)
  • timescale of marketing activities

Long-time cooperation within realisation of proposed strategy consists of

  • preparation and realisation of all formats of information - foto, video, text, web, grafics
  • communication with all target internet media
  • watching and evaluating of fruitfulness of strategy
  • adjusting the strategy to actual changes on online market and to activities of competitors
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